Email 1000s- Spam Free-Safelist

Send your ad to 1000's of proven internet buyers direct from our servers daily! No software or emails to download. No spam issues. Completely safe since your advertisements are sent from our servers with one click! All members of the club have confirmed twice that they want to receive your advertisements and even have paid for the priviledge to join! We use the exact same confirmation procedure as Google Groups does for it's members! So this is 100% safe advertising. Only $12. per year!

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Q- Am I doing anything illegal or am I spamming by using your service?

A- No. Everyone who is a member of our advertising club has confirmed twice that they wish to be a member and that they wish to receive your advertisements. We use the same exact confirmation process as Google Groups and many other reputable discussion groups and forums. In addtion members must also pay to be a part of the club.Also a method for members to leave the group and a disclaimer is included automatically in every advertisement.

Q- Can I lose my isp by using your service?

A- You are not even using your isp when using our service. All advertisements are distributed to our members from our servers not yours.

Q-Do I have to learn complicated software to use your service?

A-Not at all! There is no software to download. You simply compose your ad in our simple web interface and we handle the rest!

Q-Do I have to download email addresses?

A-No, there are no email addresses to download. You are not buying a list or database. You are joining an advertising club. All communications are done safely and privately from our server. Your name or email address will never be sold and are kept completely private.

Q-Can I change my message?

A-You are allowed to send one message per day to the database. However, you can change that message every day if you wish if you promote multiple programs.

Q- Can I send html?

A- Right now we are sticking to text only to make sure that the messages go out efficiently. Html tends to slow the server down.

Q-How do I know my message is going out?

A- We will send you a verification that your advertisement has been sent. The messages are put into a cue and are sent out late in the evening EST everday.

Q- I cannot log in!

A- Click on the Members Area link on the left of this page. Then click on the "resend login info. Your log in info will be sent to your confirmed email address.

Q- I cannot validate my email address?

A- Log into your account by clicking the Members Area link on the left of this page. Log into your account. Click "Send Mail." Then click the link which says "click here to resend your validation code." Your validation code will be sent to your subscribed email account.

Q- How do I cancel my account?

A- 1. You need to cancel your billing by logging into your Paypal account and cancelling this subscription.

2. You need to log into your safelist account by clicking the members link on the left. Once you log into your account click the link which says "remove."

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