Private Advertising Club

Email 1000's Of Proven Internet Buyers Direct From Our Server SPAM FREE!
No Software Or Emails To Download.
Your ADs are Shown Directly From Our Servers
All Members Have Paid For The Priviledge of Viewing Your Ads! Only $12. Per Year!



Q- Can I be accused of spam by using your service?

A- All members have both paid and confirmed twice that they wish to view your ads. Plus they get credits for viewing your ads so they want to see them. In addition ads are shown from our online interface so spam is not an issue here.

Q-Do I have to learn complicated software to use your service?

A-Not at all! There is not software to download! You simply submit your ad like on an online forum except your ads will actually be seen by the membership.

Q-Do I have to download email addresses?

A-No, all emails are stored on our servers. There are no emails to download.

Q-Can I change my ad?

A-You are allowed to post one ad per day. However, you can change that ad every day if you wish if you promote multiple programs.

Q- Can I use html?

A- Yes.

Q-How do I know my ad is being posted?

A- You will receive a confirmation of your ad whenever you post.

Q- I cannot log in!

A- Click on the Members Area link on the left of this page. Then click on the "resend login info. Your log in info will be sent to your subscribed email address.

Q- I cannot validate my email address?

A- Log into your account by clicking the Members Area link on the left of this page. Log into your account. Click "Send Mail." Then click the link which says "click here to resend your validation code." Your validation code will be sent to your subscribed email account.

Q- How do I cancel my account?

A- 1. You need to cancel your billing by logging into your Paypal account and cancelling this subscription.

2. You need to log into your account by clicking the members link on the left. Once you log into your account click the link which says "remove."